Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite place to be

For the last several days, I've been inspired like crazy to make stuff, so my favorite place to be right now is at my battered old work bench, wiling away the hours gluing, stringing beads, wrapping wire and totally destroying my manicure as only making jewelry can. It's been awesome! 

I had an online conversation recently with other jewelry makers and we all agreed that we tend to create in chaos -- the messier the better. So, although I considered tidying up before taking the pics, ultimately I decided it was more fun to show my desk in all its cluttered, creative chaos. After all, the mess is one of the reasons it's my favorite place to be right now. 

Got a picture of your favorite place or your work space? Share a link in the comments... I'd love to see it! :-)


  1. Here's mine, (runs away to hide in shame). :-)

    Because things get moved around so much (to get them out of the way), I often see new combinations I might not have considered otherwise. So messy is good IMHO.

  2. It looks pretty cool in your space!

  3. Thanks y'all! Sue, don't you dare run in shame, the photo of your desk makes want to sit right down and play (er...create).

    The best $50 I ever spent was on my old beat-all-to-heck watchmakers desk. Note the mismatched and home-made drawer pulls. I love that creative space is rarely magazine-feature worthy. Its beauty lies in its function.