Friday, February 4, 2011

This is all my fault

Last Saturday it was 73 degrees here in North Texas. Sorry to those of you who are tired of winter, but I just don't like it to be that warm in January. It's a reminder that August and 100+ temps aren't that far off. Winter is my favorite time of year and usually we get precious little of it around here. So last Saturday I created a little Etsy treasury devoted to winter.

And then... Sleet, freezing rain and record low temperatures hit the Dallas area Monday night. It hasn't warmed up since. In typical Dallas fashion, the city has been more or less shut down all week. (I've always thought it crazy to close the city for 2 snowflakes, but huge sheets of ice covering the roadways are something else altogether.) Just when hope was in sight with warmer temps in the forecast...

This is what we woke up to this morning. 5+ inches of snow. Dallas has gone years without that much snow in the past, so it's big deal for around here.

And it's all my fault. This is what I get for complaining.
Be careful what you wish for...


  1. I just moved up to MN from TX - that photo looks like nothing I ever saw in TX!! Hope it melts fast for you. And beautiful treasury! Now please make one for Spring. :)

  2. I'm in the UK, no snow at the moment (we have wind issues though); your post mentioning Dallas reminded me that the big news over here is that Dallas (the 80s TV series) is returning soon! Wow!

  3. hehe. That gives me ideas for two treasuries... one for spring and one for the old Dallas TV show. Unbelievable that's big news in the UK. Last time I caught a rerun (in the 90's I think) I couldn't turn the channel quick enough. Soooo corny!

    BTW, I've been in SouthFork, the house that looked so grand on TV is really very small. If I remember right, there's just one bedroom...