Sunday, September 25, 2011

Invaded by Gnomes!

The pesky little creatures have been super busy lately making the lovely acorn earrings that are so popular in my Etsy shop. The only problem is that I've been such a slacker about updating my shop lately that the gnomes decided to take matters into their own tiny hands and take over the shop. It's a mutiny! They even tried to change the shop name, the rascals!

Anyway, they won't leave until all the wonderful new creations have sold, so if you've been dreaming about fall like I have, head on over and treat yourself or a friend to a fun fall-inspired gift. Everyone will want to know where you got your cool new earrings, so send your friends too and help me get these mischievous gnomes out of my hair (not a good look believe me!) and back to their workshop in the woods. :-)

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